Thread: Proposal: Roberto Luongo to... ANYWHERE!
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06-12-2013, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by Cloudedthought View Post
We bring up Dredge because he is connected to the rumor,his relation to Nonis is not even a big deal to me. Would guess if the rumors where true they came from another source to give some seperation anyways. But I blame TSN for the way things have got.
Trade deadline viewing is getting higher with each year and nothing really happens. You hear the personalities on radio weeks before talking about how they will need to sit there twiddling their thumbs hoping for trades to talk about. Boss wants to expand it due to numbers and you could say rumors work in the same way. We all saw Ward all excited about breaking a trade that ended out to be wrong.
Its a classic example of how they have turned into a TMZ of sorts and care only about the numbers they bring in viewership wise.
Who is the biggest market in Canada?

Lous value as a goalie is good,his confidence has taken a hit since all this trade talk for sure. His contract sucks but thats what had to be done or we faced a goalie graveyard again. I think the trade becomes more appealing if the Nucks eat some of the salary and I know Gillis said no to that in interviews but really dont see a better option.
To end off,I dont think Toronto needs a goalie,you got one so we are not forcing him on you. What we are saying is Lou is trade worthy.

So Im not wearing a tinfoil hat when it comes to Lou,but I am some what when it comes to the sports networks in Canada. But that reaches into my political views of most boob tube viewing. They dont call it "programming" for
I'm not a Toronto fan.

Otherwise, I think this is one of the most dead-on accurate posts I've read in some time.

Nuck fans are always a pleasure to interact with. That has been the case on this board for years.

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