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06-12-2013, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by RevUpThoseGolfCarts View Post
Wrong, the Kinect can detect when blocked off. Not only that but it is always listening when plugged in, can detect your heartrate, can detect your emotions, and has the ability to detect how many people are in a room. Judging from all this and the patent that MS filed to ask you to buy more licenses if too many people are watching a movie AND the fact that it needs to be connected to even use the console at all, it is quite clear the Kinect must be able to see you while using the console.
I haven't heard this. If it's true, it's a shame. Do I care if MS is "watching" me? Hell freaking no. Go ahead and watch me "pull my goalie," I'm flattered.

Originally Posted by RevUpThoseGolfCarts View Post
This isn't about anyone being a "hater", this is about the Xbox One assuming you are a pirating criminal from the start and treating you like garbage out of the box.
Where are you getting this pirating criminal nonsense from? Not once did I get the impression that a console assumed that I was a pirating criminal. Who pirates with consoles?! The last console I hacked was Dreamcast, and Playstation before that. I have no need to hack consoles, that's what my PC and Android devices are for. I buy consoles for the very reason of legitimacy. It's nice when things just work perfectly.

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