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Seravalli on the phone quick today:|PHI|home

By Anthony SanFilippo - Philadelphia Flyers Inside Reporter / Flyers Inside Out

Q: Mark, what is your reaction to the trade today?

ďItís an exciting time for me. Obviously Iím excited to get traded to Philadelphia. Iím not sure whatís going to happen the next few weeks Ė or days Ė itís part of my agentís [Pat Brisson] job to work that out with [Flyers general manager] Paul [Holmgren], but Philly has an unbelievable team. Itís a great franchise and a great city and itís a hockey town for sure. The fans there are great and thatís why I always liked playing in Philly. The team is really good. Itís well-structured. Itís young and fast and it would be a great honor to play for the Flyers.Ē

Q: Whatís your confidence level that something will get done between Pat and Paul here in the next few weeks?

ďIím pretty confident. I think that maybe they need a few days or weeks, but Iím pretty positive. Itíd be awesome to play for the Flyers. The future is bright. They were in the Cup Finals three years ago and there is so much skill and a great mix between veteran players and young players, so Iím pretty confident and I truly hope itís going to get done soon.Ē

Q: I know you played with Bruno Gervais in New York, are you familiar with any other Flyers players?

ďBruno was my partner for a year. I know him well. Heís a great guy and I love him. Heís a great guy to have on the team. I know Danny Briere a little bit too. I worked out with him in Los Angeles when we were both 18 years old. I know heís a great player and a great guy. The other guys Ė when you play a team so much because you are in the same division, you get to know them Ė especially guys like [Claude] Giroux and [Scott] Hartnell and [Kimmo] Timonen. You get to know those guys when you play them. Itís exciting.

Q: Knowing the Flyers from playing against them as much as you have, what do you think about this team coming off a down year where they missed the playoffs?

ďI think they had a slow start in years past and finally got going toward the end of the season and made the playoffs. This year was a short season and they had lots of injuries as well. That makes it tough. It was a special year because of the lockout. That gave an advantage to some teams and some teams struggled. But when you see the Flyers lineup, it is a playoff team. Itís no question to me. I believe the Flyers will be in the playoffs next year. They have the skill and the physical part of it. Itís a great group and Iíd love to join that team.Ē

Q: You were the captain in New York. Is it easy to bring those leadership qualities into a new situation?

ďIím not going to just walk into the locker room and [take control]. You have to blend in a little bitÖ You get to the team and you want to lead by example first. You want to play well on the ice and lead on the ice. Over time you make yourself a little more comfortable and get to know the guys better and you see how the room is. If there comes a time to speak up, you speak up. But, Iíve always wanted to be a guy to lead on the ice. Iíve been around for awhile and Iíve been a captain on different teams. So, yes, I bring leadership and thatís what I like to do. But Iíll do whatever it takes to make the team better because at the end of the day you want to win as a team.Ē

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