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06-12-2013, 05:30 PM
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Originally Posted by unte93 View Post
would Nashville take Hodgson + Vanek + 16 for 4?
Terrible. But it'll be three posts at the most before someone says how stupid anyone is that isn't for overpaying to move up and that Vanek sucks. A 23 year old top 20 scoring center and an elite goal scorer to move up 12 spots. Nah. Instead of putting Vanek in every proposal (where the end game is to acquire someone we pray will be as good as Vanek..Someday)why not try to re-sign him and stay put at 8 and 16. Can't wait for the draft to be over with, the Grigs,Hodgson,Myers,Vanek, 8,16,Taro Tsujimito + rights to Artem Kriuikov for #1 are ridiculous.

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