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06-12-2013, 05:43 PM
Joey Banana
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The sad state of hockey is the DEB's fault and has been for several decades.

The DEL isn't overly successful but actually managed to form a nation-wide junior league (DNL) and has turned non-contributors to youth hockey like Berlin, Mannheim, Köln and Düsseldorf into one of the best places for young german hockey players to go to (not to mention some of the homegrown talent they managed to develop like Hecht, Draisaitl or Gogulla).
That wasn't the case before the DEL existed.

Another fact is, german hockey fans need to realize that there are no more than 20-24 locations/teams that can sustain themselves in a pro league in germany without great financial help by investors. Arguably even less. It doesn't make sense to allow lower market teams to play in higher tiers where they'd be facing financial issues if they'd want to compete or bigger markets to play in lower tiers thus limiting the quality of play and possibly ruin their potential profit.

But the main reason why the DEL 2 is the right choice (i'm not saying it's anywhere near perfect but it's definitely the best option right now) are the possibility of 2-way contracts for young players and eventually relegations/promotions between the DEL and Germany's second tier league. Imo, that's only happening with a DEL 2 and only if the DEL 2 teams have the financial security to grow, find potent sponsors and acquire larger fan bases to be able to compete with current DEL teams in the future (some of them are already, Bietigheim for example)

Sorry for my bad english and i hope it's at least understandable.

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