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06-12-2013, 06:20 PM
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FWIW... He signed a five year FA contract with the Isles for an even across the board $4.1M per year... This is important as it means that he is leaving the contract with a yearly cash amount of $4.1 as well as an AAV amount.

IMO, The Flyers can more easily work off that number than they would have to if it were an escalating one with an AAV of $4.1 that ended in $6M (for example)... where they would have to ask him to take a large cut in salary. If they were to give him an escalated contract now they can start him off with a nice raise and the understanding that he would be making less as his worth would naturally decline with age... rather than starting out with decrease that would continue to decline.

I see the $4.1M flat Islander contract as being beneficial for the Flyers as they attempt to woo him... and manage their Cap going forward.

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