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06-12-2013, 07:17 PM
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Originally Posted by Zine View Post
He said reasonable basis to speculate. Without at least some proof, it's not a speculation - it's a guess, a stab in the dark.

Considering it's a IIHF registered player survey; what evidence do you have to speculate that:

1. the FHR reported it's non registered U10 population to the IIHF?
2. non FHR registered players (in schools, rec leagues, etc.) were included in the IIHF survey?

In fact, I don't care about your 'study'. My only issue is that, without first verifying the above, you're purposely underreporting Russia's numbers. The validity of your study is predicated on accurate and equal across the board reporting, is it not?
What evidence do you have that the U20 numbers Russia reported in the IIHF survey were only the number of competitive players registered with the RHF and not the total number of kids registered in hockey schools? When you look at the U20 rink utilization factor it seems more likely that Russia reported the overall number of registered players, not just the competitive, over 10 ones, and I think we both know these are the numbers the IIHF would be interested in. You can insult me all you want but you haven't shown a shred of evidence to suggest your numbers are the correct ones. I'm just looking for the most accurate numbers, you are the one with the well established m.o. of overstating all things Russian and understating all things Canadian.

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