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Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
No, it's code for the #7 team took the #1 seed team to game#7 and lost in OT on a unlucky deflection off a leg, after the #7 seed team was carrying all the momentum and looked to be outplaying the #1 seed team.

Hawks are all in for a cup, Wings are rebuilding and continue to rebuild. Hawks rebuilt for 60 years and rarely made the playoffs. Red Wings are rebuilding and haven't missed the playoffs in 22 years and gave the #1 seed team all they could handle, and nearly took them out. Save the unlucky bounce, Wings could be playing tonight.. a year they are rebuilding.

All the teams playing in the WCFs and SCFs all tanked for 1st round picks. You want KH to make impact moves, but Detroit doesn't have those pesky 5th overall pick players to trade for 2nd overall pick players like Tyler Seguin. Or those 1st overall Joe Thorton players to trade, damn you Kenny!!!!11!1

Ken Holland did everything he could to sign Ryan Suter, but Parise begged him to come play with him in Minny for more money, you blame Holland for that? Suter wanted to play in Detroit, but Zach Parise talked him out of it.

Subsequently, Holland goes out and steals two great players in Danny Dekeyser and Damian Brunner, but apparently they aren't considered impact players... even though one of them led the team in scoring in the playoffs. Damn you kenny!!!1!!
Holland had nothing to do with bringing in Dekeyser and Brunner. His only job was to fax over the paper work. His secretary probably did that for him. Do they have fax machines on golf courses?

I want Ken Holland to make any move. He sits on his *** and makes excuses. I want him to stop signing garbage washed up veterans and bring up the prospects sooner. Instead he does the opposite. He overpays for washed up veterans and he gives them far too many years.

You keep bringing up the past and how much the Hawks sucked, but their future is very bright. A very young core that will be contending for the cup for quite some time.

We don't know if the Wings future is bright. We don't know if there is a player capable of taking over when Zetterberg declines and Datsyuk retires. We don't know because Ken Holland refuses to give the prospects any opportunity to play unless there is an injury.

You keep on talking about how unlucky the Wings have been and i will keep on saying luck has nothing to do with it. The Wings were the inferior team every year they lost.

I don't want Ryan Suter and Zach Parise. I do want them, but i don't expect those kinds of signings every year. I expect Holland to put up or shut up. He mentions how great the prospect pool is, yet he signs garbage veterans instead of promoting the kids.

You keep on comforting yourself by saying how good of a job Ken Holland has done the past 17 years.

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