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01-06-2004, 01:41 PM
Mike B.
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Originally Posted by hubofhockey
Mike B -- I think your cup is 2/3's empty.
No, my Cup is 1/3 full.

Originally Posted by hubofhockey
How 'bout this: the PK team actually puts talented, skillfull players ont he ice, and tries to generate plays while shorthanded. How novel. We might even see, hold on....SHORTHANDED GOALS.
I agree, this would be a good thing to see. But won't it always come down to the determination of the PK team, no matter what the rules are. The year the Devils lost to Colorado, their usual PK forwards were Sykora, Elias, Madden, and Pandolfo. Three of the four are guys who can score, and the Devils scored a lot of SHGs. Rolston & Axelsson used to do it for the Bruins - two years ago, Rolston scored 31 goals, 9 of them shorthanded. Rolston & Axelsson don't do it anymore, probably because Mike Sullivan is too conservative.

Originally Posted by hubofhockey
Honestly, the PK mentalilty has reached the point where clubs just seek and destroy--heave it 200 feet, get fresh legs every 20 seconds...they're not playing the game...they're just gutting it, like a rotten fish.
But would a PK guy risk going on the offensive if he knew he might not be able to get off the ice afterward? Would a PK guy have the energy left for a breakway after 1:30 of frantic PKing in his own end? Put in your rules and you'd just see the guy dump in from the red line and go for a line change.

The NHL has been dumbed down. Given the choice between playing it safe or going for the jugular, most coaches are going to want to play it safe. (Playing it safe requires less talent. If you are going to go for the jugular, you've got to be GOOD.)

If you tweak the rules to take away one strategy for playing it safe, it will only be a matter of time before coaches figure out a different way to play it even safer.

There's just no way to force a team to play an aggressive attacking style. Sometimes teams even play it safe in OT because they don;t want to risk having the extra point go to a conference rival.

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