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Originally Posted by HTT3 View Post
Haha, the words of defeat -

Um, you know Holland and the DRWs won the cup in 2008, too , right? They made the WCFs, Cup, SCFs, and have not missed the playoffs in 22 years, but no, Holland deserves no credit. LOL!!!!!1!!1
The joke was that you use the extreme past to reinforce the notion that Ken Holland is the best GM in hockey today. I picked 2002 out on purpose. How you can say Ken Holland is the best GM in hockey after four years of failure is astounding.

Hawks have all those high draft picks and yet they still find a way to play their prospects.

Wings haven't had any high draft picks and they struggle to get any of their prospects ice time.

That is all that matters.

Who cares if they made the playoffs for 22 straight years? Last year they got destroyed by the Preds. Wooo hooooo!!!!!!!!!!!! That 21st straight year was soooooo special.

You lump every good achievement and it's been quite a while since they have had any actual playoff success to offset the last four years of futility. The last five years is far more important than the last 22 years.

Hawks have a core. Hawks use prospects and are now in the Cup Finals. Brendan Saad was a Calder nominee. Remind me again when was he drafted? 1st overall? Nope...........................

Wings have a core. (a old core that is still elite) and the Wings bring in washed up veterans instead of playing their prospects.

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