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Originally Posted by Maverick41 View Post
Personally I tend to side with the rogue teams because I believe it would be best if the teams would govern their leagues themselves while the DEB focusses on the national team.
Absolutely not. The last thing German hockey needs is another organization that is solely caring about its members and doing its own thing. German hockey is fragmented enough.
The ideal situation would be if there was one entity organizing the whole hockey landscape in Germany, from top to bottom. I don't care who that would be and even though I feel like the DEB is an old boys club, it's still better than nothing and does have some authority (plus the national team).
We as German hockey fans will at some point have to accept that a regular promotion and relegation is simply not feasible at this point. Even most DEL clubs are kept alive artificially and that will not change anytime soon.
There will always be conflicting interests and that's why, in my opinion, a strong hand would be required that can enforce its will on all the organizations.

All we can hope for is that there will be a continuous effort to promote the sport in the country to make it more attractive (the shift from Sky to ServusTV was actually a huge step into this direction) and the Sabos, Hopps, etc. don't lose their interest in the matter.
The absolutely pathetic performances of the national won't help, though.

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