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06-12-2013, 11:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Megustaelhockey View Post
Well, if what you heard is true, that's pretty cool.

I would like to focus on the bolded portion, however. The challenge here is twofold... first, Kahlenberg or Airchime will happily install any goal horn the Rangers want, but it will be tough to create a sound similar to the "fire engine"-type thing they currently have that leads into the song. What they may end up with is quite samey-same as heard elsewhere in the league, and I think that would be sort of a shame. Second, they'd have to make sure that any horn installed is put in a place that the vibration does not cause physical damage to the building or any electrical equipment.

As for budget, LOL... the Rangers can spend any amount of money on anything.
Yeah that thing about the budget threw me off for sure, but perhaps he meant that it's ON the budget list for renovations?

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