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06-12-2013, 11:46 PM
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Originally Posted by FanHabtic View Post
Easy no for Edm. MDZ is way too one dimensional.
One dimensional my ass. Aside for his ability to thread the needle and make that big pass out of the zone, MDZ plays a physical game as well. He has snarl. He blocks shots. He can actually play defense. Solid gap control. Doesn't get beaten wide. Can stifle forwards along the boards.

Get your facts straight if you want to be taken seriously.

Originally Posted by GoofSlashFoig View Post
Oilers get absolutely fleeced. MDZ isn't worth a top 10 pick, and Paajarvi is worth more than a 3rd.
He's easily worth a top-10 pick.

Originally Posted by GoofSlashFoig View Post
It's funny how Rangers fans call Paajarvi a disappointment/bust, when Kreider is in the exact same boat. Yet, if you ask Rangers fans what they think of Kreider, they talk him up like he'll be a star.
Originally Posted by Kwayry View Post
Kreider: 23 games played
MPS: 162 games played.
If Kreider is as disappointing as MPS after 150 games then you may have a point, right now you don't. Try again.

Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
Mystery box syndrome.

A possibly is always more valuable than an already.

Originally Posted by Brian Boyle View Post
A 23 year old top-4 puck mover is a 23 year old top-4 puck mover, but the #7 pick could be anything! It could even be a top-4 puck mover!
I lol'd

Originally Posted by Mr Forever View Post
The Oilers disrespectfully decline. This is a terrible deal.

Mystery box syndrome my ass. Maybe, just maybe, Del Zotto isn't that good? If he was so good, the Rangers probably wouldn't have him in every single trade proposal ever. Who is he, Halak, Ryder and a 2nd?
It's funny that most of the proposals on the Rangers board comes from like, 6 different people. You should watch him play and form your own opinion about the player instead of assuming those fools know what they're talking about. Half of them are NHL-13 junkies and think it's reasonable to trade half your roster from year to year anyway.

Originally Posted by Iceonfire View Post
Here is the issue with trades like these.

We have heard all season from NY fans about how lackluster MDZ is playing , and then when you try and trade him for the 45th time you ask for a huge return.
Here is the issue with message boards.

1 dumbass spams a few proposals on a forum about a specific player, starts a hate-thread that stirs up most of the fanbase, and whines about every little hiccup, purposely trying to blow things out of proportion to look like a know-it-all professional whose opinion needs to be respected.

Before you know it, that dumbass has amassed a team of less ambitious dumbasses who eventually build the courage to bless our trade-forum with their awesome proposals featuring that same player.

Everyone witnesses these proposals and assumes they are there for a reason.

The only reason why MDZ would be available, is due to our log-jam as LD.

MDZ was the team's best dmen for a very good portion of the year. But much like many other young players in the league, he's still working on his consistency. His play tailed off towards the end but he was nowhere near horrendous, bad, marginal, or less than average like some people suggest. There were Rangers fans complaining about Lundqvist at times this year, so you can't put too much into what's being said.

PMD have tremendous value around the league. GM's have proven this time and time again. The fact that he's only 22 and will continue to improve all aspects of his game makes this trade proposal a very, very easy no from NY.

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