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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan View Post
PT1: People will complain about reffing if there too many or too few calls. Same as usual
PT2: 1 ref or 6 refs, you will still have people moaning about the calls. Same as usual
PT3: If the shootout continues to be as frequent it may get dull. Then again I can remember very few memorable ties, except for Red Army vs Habs. What I would do though is award no single points for the OT/SO loser. Personally I think ties stink
PT4: see pt3
PT5: You lost me on this one. If a guy deliberately shoots the puck over the glass he is trying to get a faceoff. He can only get a penalty for doing this from his own end. The face off would be in their end anyway. So how is treating it like icing different from just letting them shoot it over the glass whenever they want to. What is needed is to put some discretion into it I think by giving penalties only to players who shoot the puck over the glass when under pressure. Guys should not be allowed to escape by putting it over the glass.

RE: Bettman
this last CBA is the best adjustment the NHL has made in years. Ziegler is the real culprit for Hockey woes in the late 20th century. The rules today are fine. Especially the No Red Line rule. That is the best change of all.
PT1: I just hate watching a game, full of penalties and barely any even strength, especially on very weak and inconsistent calls. Powerplay after powerplay is not hockey.

PT2: It is much easier for 1 ref to be consistent. He'll make the same kind of calls he made all night. With 2 refs, you have one calling one thing and the other not calling the same thing. Leads to way to many inconsistencies.

PT3: I can't think of any memorable shootouts either.

PT4: Somebody made a comment about trying to protect the point, that's why they went with 3 points. That makes sense, but not in the grand scheme of things. Every game should be worth the same amount of points. Why not make a shootout loss worth 0 points then, and the win worth 2, that way all games are equal. Or make a regulation win worth 3 points instead of 2, that way every game is worth the same amount of points.

PT5: So what makes deliberately shooting the puck over the boards intentionally any different than icing the puck intentionally. It's the exact same thing. Also they are calling penalties when it isn't deliberate, the refs aren't using their discretion. The ice can get pretty bad at the end of period or at the end of the game, and it isn't too hard to put a bouncing puck over the boards. They should just make it so the team can't change like during an icing.

PT6: I agree completely with you on removng the red line, great rule change that I've supported for many years.

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