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06-13-2013, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Ghostki View Post
The issue with your statement is that the "probabilities" you talk about are from YOUR assessments, which in truth, are based on your personal analysis/obeservations. So what are "probabilities" for you are perceived as possibilities for others. Same thing basically. Apart from 4-5 players, it's quite impossible to extrapolate any probability in truth.
I guess it comes down to who one considers those special 4-5 players are. Or are you saying that such determination has already be made? I haven't seen that official list yet. While you say that this 'elite' or unquestionable group is 4 to 5 players, I prefer to expand the group's ambit. In this writer's opinion there are 10 to 12 players that will clearly be drafted in the top 15. Who those players are has been set out repeatedly in my previous posts and to avoid taxing the moderators' patience I will refrain from listing them again. I will only comment that to believe that any of them will be available when we pick at 25, is being unrealistically optimistic.

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