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06-13-2013, 12:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Honour Over Glory View Post
The thing is, if the Pens move Letang and they get something else back and not a PMD, do they really need to spend that much on a 1yr rental of Markov? With Markov's injury history, should the Pens spend that much on a guy that has missed an incredible amount of time the last 3yrs before this shortened season?

If Shero is smart, he gets the Malkin thing done in principle asap and turns his attention to Letang before Dupuis. Why?

Because of the UFA period. Shero can move Letang and get some pieces he needs, like young wingers, etc for depth, maybe some solid closer to NHL ready forward prospects since Beau is the only one that can make an impact in the top 6 and is going to be a top 6 forward for the Pens next season.

Also, you forget that the Pens still have Paul Martin and Simon Despres has untapped offensive potential, sure they won't be a 50pt type of guys, but if you can get 30-35 out of Martin and 25-30 out of Despres, that's still not that bad. Letang's points on the back end are a luxury. Pens can still have a solid transition game with Martin and Despres and maybe then it makes Niskanen not so expendable.

You move Letang...

Orpik, Martin
Despres, Engelland
Niskanen, Bortuzzo

That becomes the pairings, with maybe a veteran as the 7th. Maybe the Pens sign Anton Babchuk for 1yr, or whatever. There are options. But if you have to move Letang, then the defense prospects are more valuable to you in your system because now you have to look within to find future replacements. So Dumoulin, Harrington, Pouliot, etc, are not as expendable for a 1yr rental as you would think. Then to top it off, a 1st rounder, again? Pens need to keep that. 2yrs in a row with moving a 1st rounder and drafting in the 3rd round as their 1st pick? That's 2 missed years of getting solid prospects in the meatier part of the draft.

Logically, it doesn't look like a smart move for this team.
yea this deal only makes sense under the assumption that you sign markov for another 3 years at like 4.5-5M per(which is a reasonable amount), its only worthwhile assuming you can replace letang's production with markov's at a cheap price and get added value for letang (relatively speaking someone like harrington and a 1st doesnt doesnt really hurt you all that much, especially for a 50-60 pter, and harrington isnt a PMD), until your prospects are ready to take on their main roles

the only reason i decided to make this offer to the pens is because i felt like you had a surplus of d-prospects and thought that markov would have been a good short term replacement for letang (3years-ish). that coupled with the premium price of good PMD's (at least the ones that have close to the same offencive skillsets as letang) made me think that this might be a worthwhile venture for you guys, apparently i was wrong

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