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Originally Posted by Hollywood3 View Post

Normally, basketball news would not get into this thread. But the CW has announced that in 2014-15 they will have 11 teams in one division and 6 in the other. The division of 6 will include CW newcomers the TRU WolfPack, UBC-Okanagan Heat, UNBC Timberwolves, Fraser Valley Cascades, Mount Royal Cougars and Grant MacEwan Griffins. All of the big traditional schools will play in the 11 team division. The divisions will not play an interlocking schedule.

Why do I point this out? This is tiering by any other name.

Could this have applicability to the OUA? Let the speculation begin.

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I can't see this ever flying in the OUA, simply because there aren't enough clearly dominant and clearly doormat teams. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I *think* the idea for CW basketball is to give the new have-nots time to grow, play eachother, and get playoff-seasoned. There are simply not enough of those teams in OUA hockey.

There's actually more parity than one might think in OUA hockey, specifically in the OUA West. Over the last decade, 8 of the 9 OUA west teams have made a division final (only UOIT hasn't - and they've only been around 6 of those 10 yrs). 6 OUA west teams have won the division in that time. In the East, it's a little more top-heavy - UQTR and McGill have met in the east final 7 of the last 10 years. But other east teams are coming on strong (the two Ottawa schools and maybe Nippissing), so it won't be long until we see our first all-Ontario Queen's Cup game since 2004.

Unless one of the two-tiered divisions are going to have only four teams (RMC, Concordia, UOIT, Laurentian), then I don't think this would work.

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