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Originally Posted by BernieParent View Post
It seems to be in dispute that Streit can give a team 22 minutes of quality play a night. I'm not saying I'm against having him on the team – quite the contrary! – but I don't see Streit as a workhorse who can log the big minutes in all key situations. Fortunately, a theoretical Grossmann-Gustafsson third pairing means that nobody needs to be played into the ground.
Well if you look at his splits through last year and even the year before, he still gives you big time minutes.

This year he averaged 18:15 per game on even strength play.
This year he averages 3:45 per game(PP QB, we need one desperately for the 2nd PP unit)
Even as a terrible defenseman which he has been portrayed as he averages 1:20 on the PK this year.

Now the year before he had almost the same numbers.

Even strength ice per game was at 18:57
PP time per game was at 3:42
SH time was actually less at 0:42 per game.

People see he was a minus and instantly think he is a horrible player. Pair him with a player like Grossmann or Coburn and let Streit do his thing, and we shouldn't worry about him. Streit will help this team move the puck out of our zone and contribute big points from the back end. We need this desperately. He has a great first pass and a good shot from the back. He also provides leadership, which we always need.

I have never seen a 3rd pairing defender play 23 mins a night. Seems like some Islander fans and other teams fans are just trolling anything and everything Flyers related. But that's not new.

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