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06-13-2013, 10:24 AM
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Originally Posted by ManOnASilverMountain View Post
no9t really.

In every measurable way (besides fan adoration) he IS one of the worst starters in the league

of starters he has had one of the worst sv% for three years.

that's not arguable.

He's got a lot of tools, very athletic, great reflexes, but has pisspoor fundamentals. The problem is this leads him to making gigantic saves on routine shots which further makes fans think he's something special.

he has the potential to be special if he can figure it out, and i really hope he does, but he is currently one of the least effective goaltenders and extrodinarily ineffecient as far as performance vs caphit is concerned.

his purpose is to stop pucks. sv% is a hard stat about how likely he is to stop a puck. he is less likely to stop a puck then almost any other starter in the league.

these are facts.

many opinions say he is great/mvp, but the facts clearly say otherwise.

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