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06-13-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
The thing that stinks is that Grossman, Gus, and Meszaros aren't really reliable to stay on the ice. Plus Timonen is done after this year and there isn't anybody NHL ready to replace him in the system unless Alt progresses a lot this year. Anybody the Flyers draft this year won't be NHL ready realistically for a 2-3 seasons. Rundblad is as ready as he is going to get. Yes you would weaken the defense this year, but are the Flyers winning the cup this year anyway? If you could get him for pennies on the dollar, it wouldn't be a bad move long term but that requires some forward thinking, something the Flyers lack.
I don't know whether it's cautious optimism or a complete disregard for non-drafted names (particularly players not drafted in the 1st), but the way we toss aside Gustafsson's progress on this board is somewhat criminal.

Some didn't feel comfortable with him in a top 4 role despite the play level he's had since returning 100% from injury. I understand that. He's still primarily unproven.

However, he's only 24 and has a ceiling of roughly the same heights as Rundblad. Runblad may be 2 years younger, but he still has to not only bridge the gap between himself and Gustafsson, but also jump it significantly for there to be any reason to acquire him considering all the points I mentioned.

I think we should work it out with Gustafsson. Sure, we don't expect to be winning the Cup this year, but down the road, Coburn or Grossmann offer a better shot at the Cup for us in the next 3 years than Rundblad.

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