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06-13-2013, 12:42 PM
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Well, to revisit the original post again, I did end up going to the clinic this past Tuesday. I found it a little different form the last time I had done it (there's a new hockey staff in place) but it was still a good time in my experience. There was a mix of skill ranges from a few guys who could pretty much barely skate to a couple guys who were solid B-league level and most of the group in between those extremes. The coaches were giving individual attention to the more beginner-level guys who were having trouble executing skating maneuvers, which I thought was cool (even though in my case it meant that I didn't really get any pointers, since I seem to be just good enough to be kind of getting it, but not good enough to be doing the best I possibly could).

I recognized a few faces from a couple years ago, and I didn't see or hear any sh-t talking. Scrimmage (I wore a white jersey) was fairly balanced, with a slight advantage to the "dark side" but nothing over the line.

I do know that the turnout changes after 6 weeks when it's just basically an open hockey session, so I'm just going a week at a time, but it seemed all right this session.

Maybe it's because I was finding myself solidly in the pack skill-level wise, but I didn't experience any problems. JoeyB, if you see this, maybe give this session a shot.

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