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06-13-2013, 12:11 PM
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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Pretty funny folks over here are happy about this signing.

If anything, it indicates that management thinks his play over the stretch was worth a two-year extension which is very, very precarious considering that they also thought Desharnais merited an extension after his dry season opening and also Bouillon after playing a handful of good games next to Subban.

Really close-sighted move, I find.

In Philly you have Paul Holmgren acquiring legit top d-man Mark Streit for a low pick and here we're extending a player who couldn't break through the top6 even with a few rookies and injuries in tow. His play over the stretch was brutal, absolutely brutal. His timing and positioning, basically the fundamentals of a d-man, were really bad. Now some could argue that it was because he wasn't used to our system, he was rusty, etc. But how in the world does he get an extension when he's yet another non-physical, non-talented warm body?

Can't we acquire a checker-type for once?

Bergevin's grade post-Cole trade has been trending sharply downward - he's showing shades of Gainey/Gauthier with his small-minded, limited moves. Extending Bouillon and Drewiskie with the soft-as-butter d-corps we already have?? ffs.
First, the Habs brass obviously like him a lot. When they aquired him, they said they did their homework on the guy and know what he can bring to the team. His play was not great with us...but they still know he can be a cheap 7th D. They will not ask him to run a powerplay and be a top D. And if he's bad, send him to the won't cost a lot.

Second, yeah the Flyers traded for Streit, but they need someone like him. They need a PP quarterback. We don't.

Bergevin signed a cheap 7th D...nothing less and nothing more. We don't want a young player like Beaulieu riding the bench...

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