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06-13-2013, 01:02 PM
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Imposing the "72 hour rule on my response!

Originally Posted by STUTOMMIES View Post
Nobody wants to hear it but it is an option. Is it even worth fighting for anymore? It is such a train wreck and everyone sees it but administration. Money is not the core problem. It is the complete mismanagement of resources, square peg in round hole type thing.

It is just sickening to even think about it.
In the interest of "TONING IT DOWN" and to not respond "HYSTERICALLY ", taking pause for.serius sober second thought.

I am.being shot as the messager of the message as opposed to the focusing on the essence of the message.

I have neither read or seen said Gleaner article as I do.not subscribe to the Gleaner but will.attempt to familiarize myself with it.

I.believe that STU administration has given free hand to the current A/D to.dismantle the men's hockey program.which in some way explains why there has been.NO TRANSPARENCY nor ACCOUNTABILITY for many bad decisions.

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