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01-06-2004, 04:03 PM
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Originally Posted by theoil
So I am guessing that in order for Edmonton's revenue to increase they would have to increase ticket prices since we are basically sold out and there is very little room to increase revenue through more ticket sales.
that would have to be one avenue. Rink board ads, and other ads within the rink, would have their rates jacked as the team improved, PPV revenues would probably go up, I'm sure they'd get more money from sportsnet if the viewership increased with a better team (which it almost certianly would). This year the Canucks have started a program with season ticket holders where if they can't make a game, the tickets are placed in an on-line auction, with pretty much a 50/50 split betweent he proceeds going to the canucks and to the ticket holder. That's something that should be looked at. Actually, in general, I think the Oilers should look at an on-line bidding system for all tickets that aren't sold to season ticket holders, maybe only for games that will generate a big demand

Since people will pay more to watch winners I am guessing that you think all the current ticket holders will pay more or those that love hockey will be replaced by those who love winners or a combination of the two.
I'm not claiming to know what would happen but that's what the team would be banking on.

Well, I love hockey and I pay and go to watch the bums no matter how much they drive me crazy but it has been getting more and more difficult to explain to my wife why I spend so much money on this when we do without other things (possible I married badly but that is another subject) so that if ticket prices increase much more I will have to give up my tickets because there are a lot of other things that we could do together for the amount of money I spend to go to games with my brother so I guess I would be one of the people that doesn't deserve to go to the games. And I can live with that.
I understand all of that. I don't like how you use the word "deserve" - I know a ton of people already who would like to go but can't afford it. It's not about deserving, merely about affording.

But don't come back to me when the team stops winning (because that will happen as it happens to every other team in the league and those that enjoy winning give up their tickets because I will be gone by then. And don't tell me that it is the 'market' that sets salaries at the moment because that is just a bunch of crap spread by sports journalists and hockey players who should be ashamed of themselves for writing and talking about things that they have no understandinf of. The 'market' has never been in operation in the NHL or any other professional sports league that I am aware. The market is when you can go anywhere you want and work for whatever you can get whenever you want to do so. That is the market. A sport's league is a controlled environment defined by a bargaining unit - not a market - and how it is controlled at the moment is not very well. And that would appear to be a problem for a lot of teams. This is a long discussion and has been had here and a lot of other places and it is possible for people of good will to disagree on a number of points but please do not call what we have a 'market' since that just misleads people into thinking that putting a different set of controls on the current environment somehow smacks of socialism, atheism or some other 'ism' that is bound to lead to the collapse of the free (market) world as we know it and that is absolutely untrue.

Sorry, you caught me in a bad moment.
When I used the word market I was referring to the paying customer and ticket prices, not to the "market" involved with players salaries, draft, etc.

Or am I misinterpreting this last part of your post?

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