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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Is moving Schenn to wing really a good idea? His natural, and presumably best, position is center. Putting him at wing takes away from his effectiveness and his development. I don't know how easy of a transition it is, either. I'm not saying that it is not an easy transition, just that I don't know if it is or not.

You also risk making Schenn unhappy about his role on the team. Once again, I don't know how much of an issue this is, but it is a possibility. These guys presumably like to play their natural and best positions. Telling him that he's getting moved to wing so Couturier and Laughton and can play center could hinder his development and turn him sour on his place within the organization. Once again, I have to stress that I am not saying that these things will happen, only that they are possibilities.
That's a really good question and a hard one to answer. I think someone else said it best that moving him to wing might be best for the organization and roster, but not to get the absolute best from Schenn. BobbyClarkeFan said it was a decision between molding him into a Mike Richards type player versus a Shane Doan type player and I agree. Either way, I think the coaching staff needs to make a decision so he can develop into that role instead of bouncing him all over the place.

Unfortunately, all Lavi seems to do is change the lines when things get slightly stale instead of the play style. I've said it before and its been mentioned a lot, Lavi is terrible for our young guys' development. Lavi is a great motivational coach if you have a team that's ready to contend for the Cup, but our team isn't and Lavi is a poor fit. I really think he needs to go, I wish we had tried to get Eakins but it seems he's going to the Oilers.

But back to Schenn. While he might be a better fit at center in a vacuum, on this team I think he needs to move to the wing. Assuming we keep Giroux (given), Coots (hopefully) and Laughton (most expendable IMO), Schenn is the one who would be most suited to wing unless we move Giroux back to RW (which could be a great idea but that's a whole other discussion). Schenn probably prefers to play center since he's been their most of his career, but I really doubt he's gonna be sour moving to Giroux's wing (hard to complain about being put on one of the best playmaker's lines).

Either way, with Laughton likely making the jump I think one of Giroux or Schenn needs to move to the wing, and since Schenn and Couturier both aren't good enough at this point to center the first line I think it needs to be Schenn. Moving Couturier to the wing would nullify his best asset (his defense) and keeping him on the third line is likely going to delay (if not stunt) his offensive development. Ideally I think our roster next year should be Giroux, Couts and Laughton down the middle with Schenn on left wing of either of the top two lines. Putting Schenn and Couturier together could be a great idea so that while they continue to develop together they develop better chemistry, but this is something that could cause Schenn to grow a little sour if he doesn't like being moved to wing if he's being moved there to make way for the younger Couturier.

Whatever they do, they should make a decision and stick to it. Changing it up whenever someone goes on a cold streak isn't helping the players' develop or helping lines develop any chemistry.

IMO our best lineup with what we have now would look like:

Schenn - Giroux - Simmonds
Hartnell - Couts - Voracek
Gagne - Laughton - Read
Talbot - Hall - Rinaldo

But who knows what Lavi will do. The only problem I could see with that line-up is under-utilizing Giroux by sticking him with a couple of young streaky players. However, having Hartnell and Simmonds on a line with Giroux would put too much pressure on G as the only one who would be capable of carrying the puck. We saw it this year, Giroux needs someone else on his wing who can also carry the puck because he's too small to create space on his own and gets smothered. Jagr and Voracek were good in this regard, and Schenn could be as well.

Sorry for the long rambling post.

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