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06-13-2013, 02:53 PM
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Originally Posted by offdacrossbar View Post
no jon we did have guys who could play. and you sure you want to blame just sather ? this was torts' team. he wanted this type of team. these were his guys.

we had gaby. perfect shooter but he was always on the wrong side of the ice making sure his shot was minimized. thats bad coaching.

we had zuk. perfect kinda creative passer for the pp. good with the puck and patient. a guy who has shown great ability in europe playing with the man advantage. he wasnt used properly. bad coaching.

we had beaver. good shot. good passer. smart. he was mishandled and misused. his 5 on 5 play was awful ill grant you that, but hes a guy who should be on every pp. he wasnt. bad coaching.

nash. he underperformed on the pp. you just gotta get him involved. bad coaching.

kreider. shoulda played more. he didnt. nuff said. bad coaching.

too much boyle. cally. pyatt on the pp for my liking. bad coaching.

too much del zotto. hes clueless mostly with the puck on the pp and his shot is abysmal. bad coaching.

while we dont/didnt have a true pp qb, we had guys who could have gotten the job done.

its coaching i tell ya....
First off, you should read more. When have I just blamed Sather? Don't worry. I'll wait.

1. Gabby was laughably bad this year. He was not much better in Columbus. All the cracks in the man of glass are finally beginning to slow him down. That can't be blamed on the player or the coach. Blame God, I guess.

2. Zuc was used fine. He's not nearly as talented as you seem to think he is. He's a solid player and I think he was fine on the PP and utilized correctly. I have no complaints with how he played or was used.

3. Richards sucking is now on Torts? Wow. Now I've heard it all.

4. Nash underperforming is bad coaching? Love to hear the logic behind that (I know that there is no logic behind it, so that's rhetorical).

5. Please tell me what Kreider did to warrant more time. I've already destroyed a number of arguments on this with other posters. What did he do to deserve more playing time? All he did was fall on his ass most of the year. He even sucked in Hartford.

6. Who the flying **** else were we going to play? WE HAD NO SECONDARY SCORING. WHY DO YOU THINK I POSTED THAT? And, as previously mentioned by someone else, Boyle was on for all of our PP goals in the playoffs.

7. This is one of the few things I will agree with (but only post-Gaborik trade). I would have liked to have seen more of Moore on the ice and less of MDZ/Girardi. But that was not even a real option for 3/4 of the season.

8. I love how you admit we don't have a PP QB then somehow speak out of the other side of your mouth and claim we still should have gotten it done. Laughable.

So, once again, this falls more on Sather. Is Torts immune? Not at all. No one on here is claiming him to be. However, you are laughably white washing Sather's abysmal job of acquiring secondary scoring and a true PP QB.

I also like your hypocritical ability to not give Torts credit for using Brassard correctly on the PP. Because it doesn't suit your argument you just do not address it. That would get you laughed out of a courtroom.

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