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Originally Posted by RevUpThoseGolfCarts View Post
First of all, not all games are built on PC, and not all console games are ports of a unreleased PC version. If that were true then every game would have a PC version just sitting around not earning the developers any money.

Second, PS3 was difficult to develop for because of its hardware, not because it wasn't similar to a PC. A console can have no similarity to a PC and still be easy to make games for if the hardware isn't some weird technology. The Cell processor thing was very advanced, but as a result most developers had no idea how to work with it.

The main point of the PS4 is to make it more friendly for people to develop games on, like how the PS1 and PS2 were.
When did I say "all games"? I didn't.. Obviously, exclusive games are built from the ground up on PS3. So your first argument is kind of pointless.

Secondly, I know. I've mentioned earlier in the thread that the PS3's architecture is what bothered developers. This is the main reason why I wasn't excited for the "hoss boss" cell processor. You said the PS3 was difficult to develop games for because of the hardware, but NOT because of it's differences with PCs. What do you think the difference is? The hardware!

If the PS4 turns out that way, I will be as happy as I was with Sony as I was years back, before the PS3 was released. Seriously, I loved my PSX and PS2.

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