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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
How are they not further back? Rangers went to the ECF last year, then the second round this year. Islanders didn't even make the playoffs for 5 years, then got in this year and lost in the first round. Yeah, they gave Pitt a few good games, but they were good compared to what was expected of them, which was practically nothing. The Rangers disappointed by losing in the second round. The teams have totally different expectations on them at this point. The Isles very well may be a force in the future, but they're not one now and they still have a ton of work to do.

Cap space doesn't really impress me or dictate which team is closer to contending.
This is toally about the future...the last five years are irrelevant to how the Islanders will be a year from now if/when Hank becomes a UFA, and then going forward from there. And us going to the ECF last year is irrelevant as well...we don't even have the coach who brought us there anymore.

We finished one point ahead of the Islanders this year. One point. Take Hank off the Rangers and put him on the Islanders for this we still finish ahead of them? Exactly.

They have one of the best players in the league locked in at a $5.5 million cap hit through 2018. You may not think cap space matters, but it does mean the Islanders can sign players that the Rangers can't. It matters.

We're going to have enough trouble signing our own RFA's...the Rangers still have a ton of work to do as well, with or without Hank.

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