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06-13-2013, 04:42 PM
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Originally Posted by bucks_oil View Post
That sounds about right to me... I personally wouldn't trade #7 for him straight up, but there is a short cliff at #8.

It's nothing against RJ, he may still end up better than Lindholm or Monahan, but I think a reasonable bet would have him topping out at a #2C, whereas Lindholm and Monahan are still shiney and have #1C potential.

Unfair as that may be, I think a reasonable, patient GM would prefer the greater upside #7 provides.

MacT on the otherhand needs to improve by Sept, and RJ probably does more in that direction than #7.
Johansen for the #7 if Lindholm is available makes the most sense. Yes, Oilers are giving up the chance that Lindholm might one day develop into a top-line C, but that's okay when you're team is stacked with scorers and needs two-way improvement immediately.

Originally Posted by Matt Foley View Post
Edmonton's not going anywhere in the standings until they improve on D and in goal. A lot of their fans don't seem to get that, however. Keep trying for that forward who's going to put you guys over the top, guys - lol.
Oilers have major problems at forward. Skilled players don't have the puck enough. Can't win puck battles, faceoffs, etc.. Can't shut down anything. Horcoff on the outs. They could actually seriously use Johansen.

Originally Posted by Cash for Nash View Post

Look....As a jackets fan here I see not problem with trading RJ (Umberger), +14th overall, + Boll for Gagner, 7th overall, +5th rounder.

Pretty solid proposal bucks_oil. I'd sign off on this as a CBJ fan
They don't know RJ means Umberger, silly.

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