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Originally Posted by Dr Gonzo View Post
We all know who you would choose. The face puncher.

You're beyond predictable with your empty rhetoric and sarcastic comments whenever someone who isn't a pugilist signs. You do it in the prospect threads, and you do it here. You should change up your schtick.
Bollig played in 4 of 18 playoff games, so coach Q thought he wasn't good enough to even dress in 14 of those games.

Originally Posted by MXD View Post
Heh.... to be honest, Picard brought a little bit more physicality and offense, so in other words, they're pretty much equal players.
Picard was a poor man's MAB, terrible defensively and soft. he was 215lbs but played like he was 160lbs.

Originally Posted by SouthernHab View Post
I dont have a problem with Bergevin signing Drewiske.

I look at it a little differently. Build on your core first. Once that is done, then look around and sign Drewiske type players.

Again, no problem with Drewiske being on our team. Just surprised at the urgency to lock him up to a 2 year contract. I doubt people were calling up Bergevin begging for his rights.
What does Drewiske have to do with building the core?

I'm not sure why they signed him for 2 years, maybe they see him being a top 6 guy at some point and being a "cap bargain", but in terms of the cap there is ZERO risk, if they have no room for him in the NHL he can be sent down with no cap hit so I have a hard time seeing why anybody could see this signing in a negative light.

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