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06-13-2013, 05:22 PM
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The mighty DEB has already proven repeatedly its incompetence at anything but staging international tournaments, so the DEL 2 idea deserves a chance. I doubt it will improve all that much but at least it will be run by people with a direct stake in the well-being of that league instead of some bureaucratic pencil pushers who couldn't hack it in league competition so they work for the federation instead. The fact that Kaufbeuren aside, only currently (Hannover) or perennially (Riessersee and Bad Tölz, the latter still owe the ESBG clubs money after folding during a recent season) bankrupt clubs are supporting the DEB speaks for itself.

The federation riled up the ESBG teams to demand guaranteed promotion to the DEL to the point where negotiations between both leagues broke down and loaning out players (Förderlizenz) became impossible, then turned around and made their own agreement with the DEL just so they would still get their national team players. The DEB also has no handle on the 3rd tier leagues (that it technically governs) who refuse to let their few cash cow teams like Kassel or Frankfurt move up to the ESBG.

Why should the majority of the 2. Bundesliga still trust that incestous old boys network? I'd rather see them hook up with the DEL to form one self-governing body for the two dozen pro teams Germany can sustain, and leave the semi-pros and amateurs to the amateurs at the DEB headquarters. They've provided nothing to the ESBG, so screw them.

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