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Originally Posted by Larry44 View Post
I'm not sure Gus will be that warrior either, but keep in mind that he's still filling out and getting stronger - and Kimmo the Sturdy hadn't even come over here yet at Gus' age.... There is some time, but not that much.

If we need a D next year, Homer will find one.
IMO Gus may eventually get a nice O game going... but he doesn't have that 6'5" player in a 5'10" body that Kimmo has, and probably never will... he isn't going to get in there and take on the big forward, and skate away battered but victorious like Kimmo does. I hope I'm wrong, but you either have it or you don't... no matter how much time given him.

Kimmo before his injury a couple seasons back was an Iron Man and played through everything... nothing took him out of the lineup... He still plays through most everything, but is more banged up than he used to be... age cannot be avoided.

I like Gus, but the point where I see him falling short is his size... and his inability to play 7 inches or so larger... Kimmo's 'guts' has made him as great as he's been in the NHL... Frankly I wish he and his bud Kapanen can put their heads together and bottle it, or teach how to do it... but I think it just comes down to having a heart much bigger than their body normally contains... I find it interesting that Kimmo and Kappy both had 'it'... But I digress LOL.

And, I agree Homer will find a way to find one.

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