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06-13-2013, 05:22 PM
Adam Warlock
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The league source also indicated that the decision to buy out Bryzgalov's deal isn't fully related to money, as "he's disliked by many" of his teammates.

"They don't want to play for him or with him," the league source said.
I am sorry, but if any player in the locker room this year dogged it simply because they didnt like Bryz...they should be the ones being shipped out. I mean come on, you are professionals. I dont care what profession you go in, you are going to work with people you don't suck it up and do your job. You are getting paid a lot of money to perform at a certain level...thinking your goalie is weird is not an excuse to half ass it.

Bryz is the logical choice to be bought out because of his contract. I still think next year would be smarter, but I am fine with it now assuming they bring in a decent goalie and spend his money wisely.

Cant wait to hear his parting words...should be good. At least the media circus will be over with...until they find their next victim to run out of town...

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