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Originally Posted by Appleyard View Post
It is the 'Sisu' that the majority of them have and is integral to their culture... keeping going against all odds... I always heard Finns joke that if you do not have it you are a Russian or a Swede!

Knowing quite a few Finns and spending quite a bit of time in Finland I swear it is just built into the peoples psych! Look at the Finns up and down the NHL, a lot of them are warrior types who do not give up!

I suppose you have to have that to fight both the Nazis and the Russians during the 2nd world war... and still not lose, and somehow retain sovereignty against the Ruskies. During the winter war the Finns killed 4 Russians for every 1 man they lost.
Great take on that... makes sense to me... I wouldn't mind Homer getting some more Finns in O&B.

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