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Originally Posted by Synergy27 View Post
Bern went to great lengths to explain how he concedes that Torts' system didn't DIRECTLY cause the injuries, yet you still feel the need to bait him into saying just that and then attack him for it. Pretty ridiculous.

Anyone who doesn't see how that system put players at higher risk for these types of injuries is kidding themselves. Harp on the "success" of the system all you want, but it without a doubt put guys in harm's way more often than others.

Also, anyone saying that Torts got the absolute most possible out of these teams is speculating just like people who are speculating that new coach x can do better. The bottom line is that it was time for him to go and he went. Moving on.
On one hand, the poster said the system of Torts caused the Rangers to experience injuries. I challenged that with statistics that prove otherwise. How is that goading?

Now you come along and agree with his premise. Now I ask you, how did this system that supposedly caused injuries to the Rangers see them suffer far below the league average in this department?

Again, that's not goading. That is asking for evidence to support an assertion. Statistics point strongly against the theory.

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