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Originally Posted by Phillyfan28 View Post
How does everyone feel about Mason having the opportunity to start this upcoming season?

I realize his sample size is small (with us), and personally I was up North at school and didn't see many games, but I followed along and he seemingly played very well with some horrendous defense played in front of him. Not to mention by the time he strung a few starts together, I think we were already out of it but could be wrong.

Kid just turned 25, .944 save % with us. Id make the argument its probably hard to not slit one's wrists playing in Columbus, therefore I'd want to focus on his first few seasons in league + time with us, over the few in between.

Obviously a veteran to back him up//push him would be good (On a ONE year deal, NOT two) But I am not as enamored with Bernier as some I guess. I see he him as similar to Mason; his numbers are slightly better but arguably playing with a better defense.
I don't like it at all. If Bryzgalov is bought out, the G they bring in had better be able to give Mason a battle for the starter's job because Mason still has a lot of convincing to do that his few games with the Flyers weren't adrenaline, new scenery, and pixie dust.

Not Nabokov; his dismal showing against the Penguins really soured me on him having anything left. Not anyone wearing the O&B last season (goes without saying). Not washed-up has-beens (Theodore) or hardly-weres (Ellis). Halak I could warm to the idea, and I'm getting comfortable with the rumoured Bernier-for-Read swap.

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