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Originally Posted by Monctonscout View Post
The gap from the best team to the 10th best team in the NHL is not very big. With any kind of goaltending and a bit more luck(injuries, calls) we get by Ottawa and who knows what happens in round 2.

Does our roster still have holes, sure it does, but so does every roster in the NHL INCLUDING the taem that will win the cup.

Do I think we had everything it took to win this year? Probably not, but we were not as far as you think.

The constant whining around here, some sound like opposing team fans coming here to troll. I don't see myself as an "all is bright, all is perfect here" type of fan but I can still see a path leading us to a cup the next 4-5 years. Doesn't guarantee it will happen, 29 other teams are trying to win too, but right now the roster and young players in place are as good or better than 75% of the teams in the NHL with about 25% being better.
I think this is all pretty good perspective. Really, the difference here seems to be between expectations of being a "legit contender" and being a "Cup favourite". It's unrealistic to expect to produce a "Cup favourite" on demand given a 5 year window... salary cap is partially responsible, obviously, but so is the number of competing franchises who also have 4/5/whatever year "plans" (and there's only one winner every year).

Any time you start the playoffs with home ice advantage, you have a more than "legit" chance of winning the Cup. I don't think the success rate varies much between top seed or top 4 seed, for example. And this team is obviously less than 4/5 years away from being a top 4 seed in the conference, lol (2nd this year, obviously).

Obviously we're not quite there. Equally obviously, I submit, we're not that far away.

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