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Originally Posted by BrindamoursNose View Post
Too many people are short-sighted with Braydon Coburn.

If Braydon goes, our defense looks significantly worse. I know, I know...what a crazy thought. But it is true. Coburn had a bad year. I'm confident he will bounce back wonderfully. When he plays physically, he's excellent. He may be the fastest 6'5 guy in the league, so that is always a thrill. Also, he was important on the PK.

Say what you will, but I'm certainly not interested in trading him. I have a feeling he'll make everyone aware as to why he's making the cash that he is and why he's the longest tenured Flyer currently.

People here fall in love with these one dimensional dmen like Grossman and Gus but want to get rid of Coburn like he would be so easily replaced. Then they complain about his contract. Gonchar got $5M and Carle makes over 5 as will Striet in all likelihood but yeah Coburn's contract is a real albatross.

Trade Coburn and the Flyers will spend years trying to trade for another dman like him or pray that Nurse, Risto, Zad, or whoever they draft will develop into him in 6-7years.

I am not saying he is untradeable or denying he had a bad season but people are being ridic with the exaggeration of how bad he plays. He gives you @ 30 real good games, 10-15 great games, 10-15 bad games, and the rest he is just good.

If they trade him who is do you trust to go up against OA, Malkin, Lucic, KesseL/JVR, Spezza in a long series? Schenn? I am not there yet. Grossman? To one dimensional and would get exposed w/o a strong skating partner kinda like Coburn.

Coburn is the only guy they have with the size and speed to match up with any top line. Mez if he is healthy has a similar combo with more offense.

Kimmo - Coburn
Streit - Schenn
Grossman - Mez
Gus (hang tight for one more year unless Mez or Grossman gets hurt again)

That is a really good d with a nice blend of talents.

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