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06-14-2013, 06:35 AM
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I'm not going to get into that DEL2/DEB-thing more than saying that the DEL2 concept seems to be the slightly less bad one.

About a KHL-team in Germany:
I 'm not sure about it.
I'd guess a "real" hockey fan wouldn't care where his/her team's opponent is coming from, as long as they can see a good game.
But from what I observe during the European Trophy in Berlin, there seem to be coming more people to the games against Hamburg then to those against other European teams.
So, for the normal visitor it seems to be more important to know the opponent than to have a (hopefully) better level of hockey.

@Chapin Landvogt: That's what the DEB should exist for in my opinion: youth hockey, national team, maybe referees. Not for organizing the pro-league(s)...

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