Thread: Player Discussion: Trade value of Andrei Markov
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06-14-2013, 06:45 AM
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I think the most important part of this has been overlooked.

I see the decision on Markov's future with the Habs being directly related to how he is physically. If I was GM the most important people I would talk to is 1-the team doctors and 2-Markov himself.

I would ask the doctor if his skating/mobility will stay the same, get better or get worse his 2nd year back. Also is there a lot of wear and tear on the knee or is it "like new" as some athletes have no further issues. Having barely played the last 2 years keeps the rest of his body "younger".

Second part is I would ask Markov how long he wants to play NHL and does he want to stay here long term.

If all is good medically and with Markov, he tells me he wants to play 4-5 years, I offer him 5 years at 25 mil, front loaded...2 mil signing bonus then 7 mil 6 mil 4.5 mil 3 mil 2.5 mil. This protects the cap and the team going forward. As it's not a 35+ deal if he retires there is no cap implications, if he gets hurt you have LITR(see Savard, Pronger) and if he becomes ineffective in 2 years, he is easy to trade with declining salary making him attractive to small markets.

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