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06-14-2013, 06:49 AM
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Originally Posted by Beef Invictus View Post
Anywhos, I'm an MS fanboy because the Zune is the pinnacle of human achievement;

But, MS has completely and totally ****ed up everything about this. They might outdo Sega and the Dreamcast for thoroughly botching what could have been a great system before all is said and done.
The Zune was pretty amazing. I opted to get the Dell Jukebox, years before the Zune came out, otherwise I'd have a Zune or Zune HD. There's nothing like good ol' drag-n-drop.

The Sega Dreamcast is one of my favorite consoles of all time. I still have mine.

Originally Posted by RevUpThoseGolfCarts View Post
You didn't say "all games", you implied you meant all games though by saying "[g]ames are built on PC and ported to Xbox and PS3". Maybe you should reread your own post.
Correct, I didn't say "all games," but you decided to assume anyway. I didn't imply anything, except for that Xbox games are a billion times easier to for porting compared to PS3. This is a known fact. 2+2=4, not 5.

Originally Posted by RevUpThoseGolfCarts View Post
You said that third-party devs preferred the 360 more because it was more similar to PC than the PS3. I was just pointing out that that was a wrong statement. Being similar to a PC means nothing. That's like saying developers hated the Gameboy because it wasn't built like a PC.
Take a look around the internet and you may be surprised to find that developers prefer developing for 360 than PS3. I'd pull some articles for you, but my office blocks any websites that have to do with gaming

Originally Posted by Krishna View Post
So me and my brother both preordered a launch ps4

Cant wait.
What is the release date? I preordered one but the release date says December 31st.. I thought it was launching prior to the holiday season.

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