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Originally Posted by Fifthgear View Post
Exciting ???? 3rd OT , i bet that 50% of people went after 2nd OT to sleep and yes iīm soccer fan also but they took in consideration the fans that are watching and donīt tell me penalties in soccer to end a game arenīt exciting!
NHL should take ideas from soccer and also remove that stupid 1 pt. when you lose a game in OT !!!
so according to you 50% of Boston and Chicago fans just went to bed and did not bother to stay up.

so why don't you ask a few Boston or Chicago posters and ask them if they went to bed?

NO, YOU went to bed because it's not your team, NO YOU went to bed because your a soccer fan first. Now your still trying to defend a stupid position by inventing facts you think are true.

as far as other hockey fans from other teams, well of course they might not have stayed up and this proves what? I know a lot of people that just don't give dam about soccer and that would prove what? that soccer is a dumb sport!

Stop, your just digging yourself a bigger hole.

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