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01-06-2004, 03:53 PM
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Getting back to Dawes for a second....

I watched a few of the games over TSN on Direct TV and he was indeed impressive at the Tourney. His shot was very accurate and he used his speed a couple of times to burst in passed defensmen in order to get said shot off. He has alot of hustle and for being a small player he wins alot of battles along the boards that he has no business winning against bigger players. What I also like was the way he drew two penalties in the Czech (semi-final) game. He did so by going to the net and kept his feet going while he was pulled down both times.

Also would like to mention that all Ranger fans should breath a sigh of relief that Corey Potter wasn't seriously hurt. Did anybody else see the viscious hit he took when falling down while reaching for a puck in the Finland game? The Finnish player's knee went into his head and I thought for sure the guy had a concussion.

20th best on the Rags Tjutin is probably your only intouchable for prospects along with Jessiman.
Prospect listings were updated after the draft and haven't been touched since so his recent WHL and WJC success's haven't played into his ranking which will surely go up next update.

And as for the 2nd round I really was hoping they'd grab Patrick O'Sullivan.
Talk about risk/reward. You're not the only one I've heard say this JR but unfortunatelly his situation with his father has left him with a questionable attitude towards authority figures (ie coaches). Even if he was to over come this as he goes foward with his life, I think that a Kid with questionable character/history is the last thing the Rangers need right now. The one thing the Rangers have done over the last couple of drafts is pick guys that supposedly are really good character guys including the likes of Jessiman, Dawes, Baranka, Taylor, Guenin, etc.

The guy they did pick up in the 2nd round is Baranka. Barinka is another d-man that went around the same time in the draft. Me thinks the two will be confused alot over the next couple of years.

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