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Very slippery slope
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Originally Posted by Bluenote13 View Post
Happy with it Never said that, you implied it, this is already a peeve of mine, hate that I have to point this out to a veteran poster no less.
So . . . doing what you do is not allowed when I do it to you? You're the master of reading into posts and/or distorting what they say.

Lucia is the sexy player out of the two, but at the Pro level you're gonna be shocked at who the better player will be. Or maybe not, like you said you were high on him. So was I, I was saving video clips of him months before the draft cause that was the only way to see him unless you live in Minny. A few of us saw his size, his rank and his play and knew he'd be just the kind of guy you pick in the 3rd round. And oh yeah, he's a 3rd rounder, where unpolished talents are taken every draft. It's almost always assumed these players will need time to develop or on the cusp.
But that's the difference between him and Stepan (who as you know I was equally high on). They were both raw, but Stepan developed very quickly and showed his upside early. Fogarty has not. And I worry about that. He's going to be 20 already.

You keep mentioning Sam Calbrese, an older Dman that had a few points more playing more icetime and that somehow solidifies his poor season? What planet is the thinking cap you're using manufactured from?
Sam is a defensive d-man who put up more points in his first full season of NCAA hockey than Fogarty did. I really am disheartened by that. You should be, too. You need to at least admit that his point totals were disappointing as to what his upside is/was. You harp on the fact that he got minimal ice time. Guess what? He didn't earn any more than he got.

I don't 'see' top six in him, I said he has the chance to be, that's not the same thing. Your MO is to frequently distort whats said, I think your processor needs adjusting
So I do the same thing that you do.

You are talking about a 20 yr old ! You are always SO SURE, yet you get it wrong just as often as right. So do I, but I rarely talk in absolutes, yet that is something you do all the time. Why do you think I mention the JPP Giants pick and how you thought it was awful, Jon, learn from your mistakes man, its relatively painless
I do not talk in absolutes. I do give much stronger opinions than you do, however. And you know what? I think that is a lot more courageous than *****footing around with weak opinions to try and not be wrong about them. Your wishy-washy views enable you to pretend that you call things correctly more often than not. You mention the JPP pick and not the numerous times I was correct because you like to cherry pick your arguments when you try and disparage someone. No other reason.

If you want the last word, you can have it.

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