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06-14-2013, 09:42 AM
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Originally Posted by Ola View Post
I know I am pretty alone no this, but Steve Stamkos isn't all that high up on a list of players if I could choose among everyone in the NHL.

No matter how good a sniper is, you only get certain things from a sniper.

Hence why Tampa just isn't that good. I just think guys like Doughty, a healthy Sid or Malkin is on a diffrent planet in terms of value compared to Stamkos.

I get the point in trading Hank. Since it will not happen, I've never seriously suggested it, but I have for fun included him in some proposals over the years. You can never get a 10m performance from a 1m forward, a forward impacts the game on a shift by shift basis and even if a Jeff Toms scores 3 goals in one game on some kind of objective level the overall impact of that one game is still not compareable to a Malkin if you get what I mean.

But, there are probably 200 goalies in the world who once in a while plays 60 minutes of hockey just as good as Hank. A top 20 goalie can during 25 games play really close to Hank hockey. Besides, Nik Bäckström the goalie is like available and can be had for 6m per. He is a good goalie that can win a cup no doubt.

I am not sold on if id move Hank for on (1) sniper.
not sure if serious

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