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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
Haha, I'm not sure why I wrote 50%, it should have said 25%, which is also a pretty high number in terms of power play percentage. Haha. Either way, my argument stands. Look at the stats of other second units and tell me that the Flyers are any different. The first unit, especially when it is as good as the Flyers' first unit is, SHOULD score substantially more than the second unit. Most top units, for a number of reasons (better players, more time, more opportunities, etc) will have more points than the second unit. I think that you'll find that the second unit of the Flyers is on the same page as the second unit of much of the NHL. I'm not saying the Flyers second unit is the best in the NHL or anything special, but they are hardly terrible or incompetent.
Agree do disagree then. I know what you are saying is true in that outside of a teams first unit pp there will be a drop off in pts and I never disputed that. I didn't expect the Flyers 2nd unit to be tearing it up or to be as good as the 1st unit by any means but they could and should be better IMO. I think most people who watched this season would agree with me on that but this is all opinion so I can't tell you you're wrong as much as you could tell me that I'm wrong. And again you can't really compare stats to other teams around the league as there are other factors to consider like the players themselves, the number of opportunities, a teams depth etc.

Edit: It may very well be true that the Flyers 2nd unit is just average when compared to other NHL teams' 2nd (again no real way to compare considering all the factors) unit but that doesn't mean they're good. That's like saying I got a 50 percent on my genetics test but being as though the average was around 50 it's ok (the avg scores in my genetic class were actually worse sometimes ). It's not it's still a failing grade. This is just the way I look at it.

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