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06-14-2013, 09:32 AM
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Originally Posted by Fifthgear View Post
Exciting ???? 3rd OT , i bet that 50% of people went after 2nd OT to sleep and yes iīm soccer fan also but they took in consideration the fans that are watching and donīt tell me penalties in soccer to end a game arenīt exciting!
NHL should take ideas from soccer and also remove that stupid 1 pt. when you lose a game in OT !!!
Why bother playing the game? Just go straight for the shootout. Go ahead and sell tickets for that. They can do the same in soccer. No game, just penalty kicks. You win, you move on. You lose, see ya next year. Now that's a sport for ya.

Or maybe what we should do is send some hockey fans to fix soccer and it's long boring games. Let's see, the field is too big, and there are too many people on it. The field should be 200'x85' and have no more than 5 people plus 1 goalie on the field from each team. This stupid ball that rolls out of bounds isn't very good either. Should have boards, so the ball bouces back and play continues. And what is it with these guys that fall down in tears all the time because someone got too close to them and may or may not have brushed up against them. Allow body contact, that will stop these wimps from rolling around on the field a bit. There you go. I think soccer has been improved.

But if you really want to make it the best sport in the world, here is what you do. After implementing the changes listed above, you flood, then freeze the surface of the field. Now the field has become too slippery so we should give them something to help the players get around. This is just a suggestion, but how about putting these metal blades on the shoes of the players. They'll eventually get the hang of it, I'm sure. You give the players some sticks so they can whack the ball or each other, which ever they prefer. Now I know the ball poses a problem now. It's too bouncy and guys will be hitting each other in the face trying to whack the ball on the first bounce. So you replace the ball with a smaller little disk of vulcanize rubber. This way it can slide, glide, roll and bounce a little. Your nets may be too big now, so you should reduce their size a bit.

There you go, we've improved soccer a full 100%. That was fun. Now I'm a fan. You want to hear my suggestions to improve basketball, after all, they play all this time and score so many points that they are basically meaningless points. We start by flooding, then freezing the court...

Hockey is fine the way it is and if you want to watch soccer, no one is stoping you from changing the channel or buying tickets to a soccer game.

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