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06-14-2013, 10:00 AM
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With all that said... Torts had many issues.

Lundqvist faced a ton a ton a ton of shots every game, every week, every season every year. That I blame on our system. Its fine to block shots but its not okay to let a team shoot so much! You cant win that way. Or expect to. Especially the quality of shots we allow. Terrible.

We did not have many shots. And when we did, we didnt have many quality shots. Our offense as a whole was not creative and so predictable. In the end, it just wasnt smart hockey. You had guys dumping several times a game, which is fine BUT WHY IS NO ONE CHASING! Why are dumping in practically any situation and dont see that we have no help for another.

Our PP proves we have no creativity, we have no hockey smarts. On a man up, Tortorella cant even force his players or find players to move and keep a dynamic PP going. No! Instead, pass to the point. Pass back to the man. No one is moving unless you have the puck. That is not a successful PP. Look at the best PPs in the league. Pittsburgh. Everyone is cycling, with or without the puck. Everyone is looking for space and making room for passes. There confusing the D and their puttin in easy goals because of it. Make it easy for yourselves. I blame Torts for this. After a few years no change?

And when we do score a PP goal or have a good 2 minute advantage (rare) its because people are moving and he puts in someone in front of the net. Cally or Boyle will cause havoc one PP and we score. The next 5, he takes them off that role. WTF

I also did not like how much Torts knew so little of his opponents and own team. As a coach, and looking at some of the best coaches of all sports. They know everything. They know everyones schedules, they know everyones name and nickname. They know the reserves or AHL squad by heart practically. They know the opponent like it was their brother.

So there were changes that I wanted to see, but I still think it could have worked with Torts as coach. But Sather hurt us badly again.
Torts best quality was no nonsense. He really had a say in the office and he made sure people had no excuses. But I think Sather got sick of him and Dolan too.

I think Dolan is still mad about what Torts said in the media about him lol You all know Dolan likes to keep a tight lid on everything.

I like all the possibilities. Even the thought of Messier wouldbe exciting though not ideal.

Out of all the top possibilities so far... I like Ruff. Vigneault has been successful but he adopted a really strong team (far more talent than the Rangers) and I hear his Zone Line changing gets read easily by the opponent. I also think the division he was in was very easy compared to what he will get here. Yet, the zone matching has always been successful for him. He loves stats and innovation. Adopting the Rangers talent would be what hes experienced with alongside experience with the big city media.

I like Ruff because he is very systematic. When he had the talent (like the Rangers do) he really showed great success. 90% of the playoffs he missed was because his top goalie was hurt or left. Coaching lundqvist must be similar to Hasek and Miller. He has a much larger success rate with two different generations. The team he had with Drury and Briere and Campbell is not to differ from what we have now with our talent but a lot of young guys that he might not be so use to compared to others.

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