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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
Of course a few years ago the hype was "maybe goaltending isn't so important after all!!" after it was Niemi vs. Leighton in the finals.

It's really funny to see perceptions swing so wildly depending on which team gets to the finals and how. Like how when the Ducks won it, everyone became obsessed with recreating the "perfect third line" of Niedermayer-Pahlsson-Moen. Then Chicago won it with an average goalie and suddenly elite, high-priced goaltenders were overrated. Then Boston won it and everyone became obsessed with size. And so on.
Well people thought that once you saw a Leighton in the finals, it was always like that. Which it obviously wasn't. Leighton in a cup final was an exception, not the rule. Yet, with everything else you mention...there is a common denominator...size and grit is mostly always there. Wiht the Ducks, with the Hawks, to a lesser degree with the Wings but then you still have incredible talent but still need a Zetterberg, a Franzen, and still some great 3rd line with Maltby, Draper......Honestly, the formula is still there. Boston with Paille and Campbell are the Draper of Maltby of these playoffs. Or the Pahlsson and Nieds of their time. So talent always prevail but will always need that physical element in it. And great goaltending is obviously WAY MORE the rule than 1 year of Leighton....

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