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06-14-2013, 10:43 AM
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I can understand the benefit of trading a scoring winger to Ottawa. Especially if Alfredsson retired. I really do. Some of the people in this thread are out to lunch though.

Hemsky would be option #42 on a LOOOOOONG list of possible solutions for Ottawa. At the point, Ottawa might be better off just re-signing Latendresse ( who is much younger) who'd put up similar production (less points but more hits and requires less icetime) for 1/3 the salary.

The only benefit to Ottawa in acquiring Hemsky is that he probably wouldn't cost a lot in terms of assets. He's paid wayyy too much for a team with a budget like Ottawa though.

The only thing that Hemsky has going for him was that he USED to be good, which is a kind way of saying that a girl USED to be hot in high school. Hemsky's salary, production, and injury history put him in the "single mom with 3 kids living in a trailer park" category of assets. You don't give up guys ike Smith and Wiercioch for Hemsky when there are 30 better options out there.

Re-visit this trade idea after free agency and Ottawa is scraping the bottom of the barrel after being rejected by all the good free agents and trades. Hemsky will still be there. Trust me.

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